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Lifesaver offers the expertise and experience with installation and maintenance of the following types of fire protection systems:


Wet Pipe System – standard water-based system most commonly used.

Dry Pipe System – common in attics or cold areas. A dry system is filled with air or nitrogen.

Pre-action System – system filled with air or nitrogen that has an independent detection system for heat or smoke controlling water flow minimizing the risk for a false system trip.

In-rack Sprinkler System – sprinkler protection installed in rack storage areas.

Deluge System – high velocity open nozzle suppression for special applications to contain fire spread.

ESFR System – Early Suppression Fast Response sprinklers provide high volumes of water for fire suppression and added flexibility and usability for storage racking in warehouse applications.

Clean Agent Systems – chemical-based fire protection designed to control and extinguish a fire before it spreads. This is ideal for special applications around expensive and/or sensitive equipment.


  • Foam systems

  • MX 1230 / MX 200 clean agent systems

  • OxeoTM Argon clean agent systems

  • OneUTM  19-inch cabinet protection systems

  • IBC Containment

  • UniVario detectors

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