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At Lifesaver Fire, we are focused on meeting client schedules and providing efficient and cost- effective solutions.


When you partner with our team, you will receive a complimentary consultation during the planning stages of your project to ensure ideal system design and flexibility of occupancies based on your specific needs.

Our experienced in-house design team has extensive resources including BIM modeling technologies, expert knowledge of fire and building codes, and innovative strategies to secure the success of each and every project.


Lifesaver Fire has been a trusted partner for many complex projects including operating medical facilities and secure data centers where we were able to execute with minimal disruptions and high level of professionalism for the environment.


Over the years, Lifesaver has partnered in a number of large, multifaceted projects around the state of Minnesota. Leading with our core values, we are focused on the client’s success, understand the importance of timely bids, and provide solutions in the long-term best interest of the project.

Lifesaver can help you meet your project participation goals, certified as an SBE and MBE contractor, and is proud to employ a diverse workforce.

We have experience in the following building types:


  • Commercial: retail centers, automotive dealerships, office buildings, storage buildings, restaurants, fitness centers

  • Multifamily Residential & Hospitality: high rise apartments, mixed use, hotels, condominiums

  • Medical: hospitals, surgery centers, medical clinics, dental offices, MRI clinics

  • Assembly: stadiums, theatres, churches, religious centers, daycare facilities

  • Public Sector: schools, libraries, city offices, transportation facilities, airport expansions

  • Industrial: warehouses, manufacturing facilities, agricultural facilities

  • Residential: single family homes, large mansions, townhomes, subdivision communities

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