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Lifesaver offers 24-hour emergency service located throughout the Twin Cities Metro and Rochester areas.


Our knowledgeable, professional, and responsive team of licensed technicians provide preventative maintenance, inspections, and full-service repairs on a variety fire sprinkler systems.


Maintenance and repair services included, but not limited to:


  • NFPA 25 required annual inspections

  • NFPA 25 required 5-year internal inspections

  • Fire pump testing and repairs

  • Deficiency repairs

  • Adding, removing and relocating sprinkler coverage

  • Corrosion and leak repairs

  • Dry system diagnostics and repairs

  • Pre-action system diagnostics and repairs

  • Backflow testing

  • MIC testing

  • Valve replacements and rebuilding

  • Standpipe systems

  • Deluge systems

  • Fire hydrant testing

  • Sprinkler head testing

  • Assessments of system design

  • Ongoing maintenance as needed including weekly, monthly, or quarterly testing

  • 24-7 emergency service


We support our clients with clear communication to help them better understand their systems, required repairs, and the value of the services rendered.


At Lifesaver Fire, we strive to earn your partnership for life by providing honest, efficient, and reliable service.


Contact us to discuss maintenance or service needs at 763-473-9010.

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